Rich Woman Magazine – Swiss Special Edition – Winter2020/21


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For centuries, poets and artists, writers and musicians tried to capture the essence of femininity. But it took a woman to invent the epitome of beauty, elegance, sophistication and self confidence, the only Women Swiss Watch to inspire women. Giselle was only eight when she lost her father, a little girl trying to help her mother going through challenging times. One day she found a four leaf clover and gave it to her mother, Odette. “Mother, we are saved. I found a four-leaf clover!” Her mother placed it inside her pendant. Four decades later, when this little girl became a businesswoman, and was facing difficult times, her mother, Odette, unlocked that pendant and showed it to her daughter. Little she knew that with that she unleashed the feminine power in her daughter and a whole wave of inspiration will take the world by surprise. Celebrating Giselle Rufer’s story is a privilege worth sharing!

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